March Roars In

This was the brightest sky we saw all day today.


Between the snow, the sleet and the freezing rain it wasn’t much of a day for any outside activities. We wanted to test the new camera so we took advantage of a little break in the weather to snap this photo on my deck. Obviously we need to work on those settings.

We were on our way to join friends for dinner and a small birthday celebration. Knowing that our friends are true champions of the casual elegant look I dressed in jeans from Talbots, blue blazer and bright red scarf. Since it was 27 degrees I also added layers. There is a long sleeve red tee and a navy thin knit cardigan underneath. The boots are Ralph Lauren via T.J. Maxx and the bag is old. We arrived at the restaurant at the same time as our friends. My friend Dee and I had a good laugh because she had on a multicolored scarf but otherwise we had on the same thing.

Thank you for all your good wishes. Mickey is feeling much better today.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

About fiftynot2

My first venture as a business owner was a consulting firm named 'Career Image', which also included public speaking and appearances at seminars throughout the southeast United States to present the concept of using your best colors and clothing shapes to build a wardrobe that will work for you in any situation. I conducted personal consultations at the client's closet and accompanied them on well planned shopping trips afterward. My current position evolved after being a professional boutique jewelry designer for more than ten years. As the President of Vintage Jewelry Supplies Company I still must know current trends in fashion and buy what is needed to fit those trends months in advance.
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One Response to March Roars In

  1. I love an outfit like this where you can feel chic and comfortable at the same time, and the pop of color makes a big difference (imagine a black scarf ! No no!) Looking great, as always, Susan. So glad to hear Mickey is doing so well.

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